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Johnny Burns -
Inducted posthumously in 1991 ... honored for his varied contributions to athletics in Rockland ... trailblazer in the development of sports activities for persons with disabilities ... promoter extraordinaire ... boxing referee... instructor, organizer, selfless humanitarian ... came to Rockland County from Long Island in 1925, started out as an attendant at Letchworth Village Developmental Center and rose to become recreation director ... launched sports programs for Letchworth residents that were the precursor of Special Olympics competitions ... Burns organized, developed and promoted the Letchworth Big 5, a crackerjack team of Rockland basketball players with a wide following ... Burns promoted offbeat but popular events like the swim across the Hudson and a race to High Tor mountain and back ... also helped develop minstrel shows for the children at Letchworth, and formed the Calypso Band, which performed annually at the Waldorf Astoria in New York City ... he was a regular boxing referee at televised fights originating from arenas in Queens ... after leaving Letchworth in 1957, he worked at an orphanage on the Caribbean island of Jamaica, where he helped train Alan Hannon, who fought for the light heavyweight title ... Burns died in 1968 at age 73.