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Suffern middle-distance ace Jeff Van Wie remains one of Rockland County’s most accomplished performers on the national stage. A lean-at-the-tape champion at the 1983 Golden West Invitational in Sacramento, California, Jeff blazed to a 1:48.56 in the 800 meter run to set a New York state record that still stands today. That mark was No. 2 all-time for Eastern high schoolers and No. 9 in the n...Read More

Considered by many to be the best all-around athlete to graduate from Nyack High School, John R. VanWyck III excelled in whatever sport in which he participated. At 6’2” and carrying 210 pounds on his well-proportioned physique, he was an imposing triple threat from the fullback position in the single wing formation. He averaged over 50 yards a kick as a punter in his junior year and w...Read More

Vic Veltidi - 2012
Vic Veltidi was a natural all-around athlete while growing up in rural Nanuet in the early wartime 1940s. By the time you got to the eighth grade a Nanuet student had an important decision to make – where to go to high school. Nanuet didn’t have its own high school until the 1960s so one had to decide among Nyack, Spring Valley or Pearl River. For those who lived in the south end of Na...Read More

Nanuet High School
Class of 1965

Although most Rockland sports buffs would associate his name and reputation more closely with Suffern High School, make no mistake about it: Bob Veltidi is a Nanuet kid born and bred. Growing up on Englewood Avenue as the oldest of Patsy and Lillian Veltidi’s three boys, Bob – or Robbie, as he was known then – launched his athletic ca...Read More

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